Thursday, March 6, 2008


Patrick and I went to Kauai for our honeymoon. It was amazing! Definitely worth it! Here are some fun pics of our trip.

This is the rope that Indiana Jones swung on!!

Us Haney's love our shaved ice! We got it three times in one week! So good!

Leaving on the last day. I was smiling on the outside but crying on the inside. We got back on Sunday and went right back to teaching on Monday. Not fun!!

This restaurant is surrounded by the ocean. It was part of our hotel. The food in Hawaii is amazing. I would go back just to eat the food!

We heart Walmart!! We went there frequently to get things that were actually in our price range! We still have some really cool beach towells from the Kauai Walmart.

This was right before we went on our helicopter ride.

Patrick took some amazing pictures from the air.

These helmets are awesome! We had a blast going on our ATV off road experience! It was a 3 hour trip- we were covered in dirt by the time we got back. I definitely recommend it!!

In the helicopter! I got to sit by the pilot- Kirk. He had flown Ben Stiller to his movie set the week before. Hard life. :)

Our awesome chrysler sebring!! We drove around with the top down every day. Patrick is sporting the hat he got from Hal. (my dad)

Lots of orange colored fish. Just thought this picture was funny.