Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am still here!

Yes...it's me. I have not been abducted or become a hermit. I am still here- just trying to get my head above water. I will give you a quick update....

Patrick and Jen went ice skating at the Galleria. It was fun. What was not fun was the 100 elementary school kids skating with us.

My sister celebrated her 26th birthday. It is on December 25th. Yes- she shares a birthday with Jesus. Pretty big deal. She is the sweetest, most honest person I know.

Maggie has gotten really snuggly. I mean really snuggly. This is where she likes to sleep. Yes- basically on my face. That is the most awful yuck picture of me but I had to just sacrifice to show you her new spot.

Patrick and I went to Houston over New Year's to visit our good friends the Harps. We had a date night and it was so much fun. We saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and all loved it!

Yes- our husbands almost had on the same shirt.
Obviously- they were hamming up the awkward poses for the picture.
More posts to come!