Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Sea Turtle!!!

Yes! I just was able to finally get a picture to upload here in Mexico. I absolutely love this picture. Patrick was taking pictures of the baby sea turtles right after they hatched out of their shells and this one actually looked up right at him. Isn't he adorable??!!! Watching them struggle down the sand to the sea was amazing. They have a hard life ahead. It is incredible to think that they have to make it on their own - from birth. The mom lays the eggs and that is it. Patrick, me, and my family loved watching them wiggle their way down to the ocean and then get swept up into a wave and then swim out to start their life. I came up with a motto that I keep repeating to myself. "If a baby sea turtle can make it, then so can I." I know it sounds corny but I have been feeling overwhelmed lately with life and what not and watching this event here on the beach in Akumal really made me think. These little ones have to first, break out of their shell and struggle to get down the beach to the water, and second they have to make it out in the ocean being so small and new to life and everything around them. They grow to be so huge and mighty- but they start so small. I don't know why it is sticking with me.....I keep repeating the motto and Patrick keeps laughing. I think I may be the only one in the family that got inspiration from the baby sea turtle but I think God speaks to everyone in different ways. Anyway, I am ready to go back to the US with inspiration from a baby sea turtle. Yes, I am!!! So- if you are feeling down, look at this picture of this little guy! I can send you a copy! :)
Akumal, Mexico....

We have spent this past week in the most beautiful, peaceful place in the world! Akumal is about and hour and a half from Cancun and a hidden treasure. We have had no agenda and haved loved every minute of it. Our condo is right on the beach and we have spent countless hours sitting watching the ocean or the amazing stars at night. It is just another reason to thank God for His creation. Patrick has been loving taking pictures of the scenery and was lucky enough to get some great shots of a lightening storm last night. We also saw baby sea turtles crawling to the ocean for the first time in their life from their little nest in the sand. It was incredible!! I will update more later but I wanted to blog about this because I have been a lazy blogger this summer. We fly home tomorrow but are trying to live up what is left of the time we have here today. I have tried to post pictures with this but for some reason nothing is attaching. I will definitely post some when we get home to the states! Hope everyone is well....those of you that are still checking this blog. I promise I am going to get better at updating!!!