Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break and More....

While Spring Break was a few weeks ago I am just getting around to posting some of our happenings! We went to Tyler and hung out with my parents and my besties from High School! It was so much fun. My parents got a new puppy Sadie who is full of life - literally. Kelly came in to visit and all 4 of us got to spend 2 days together with the kiddos. It was so relaxing and a nice break! I love going home to see family and friends. I wish I had time to do it more.

Hudson loves to blow bubbles with Ginger!

Samuel is so funny! He cracked us up all weekend!

Mere and Samuel

One of the millionth self portriats we have of the two of us!

We also celebrated Patrick's moms 60th birthday! We went to Gloria's to suprise her. It was really good!

Two of our crazy nephews!

Patrick's mom Debbie! She is awesome! :)

Patrick and I. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's greek to me!

Ok....A new Whole Foods opened 2 minutes from our house last week. On Sunday Patrick and I took a stroll through it and I found this. (see above!) I have been reading alot about greek yogurt. I love yogurt and I frequently try out different varieties. This particular greek yogurt has no fat and 14 grams of protein! Yes- 14! Wow! I know- can you believe it? And- it is SO good. I tried the plain and it wasn't bad but very tart. This brand- chobani- has the non fat with the fruit on the bottom. I bought strawberry and blueberry and have loved both. It is the best- so rich and creamy and I love that. Only one downfall- it is a little pricy. It makes a good dessert- and it keeps you full because of all the protein. Anyway, thanks Greek people for making such good yogurt even though I may have to get a second job to keep buying it! :) Happy Monday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jason = Jerk

Oh my gosh. I am stunned. Seriously- why have I been subjecting myself to this torture for the past few months. I had quit watching the bachelor for the past few years but this season I thought- hey maybe he is a good guy?? WOW I was wrong. I knew something was up when Chris (what is his job anyway??) came on and said that this news was going to be so sensitive that they had no audience. Then when Jason gave that horrible crappy speech about it just not working out and he couldn't stop thinking about Molly- I'm sorry- what!? I almost threw up. Yes Jason, relationships are hard. Yes Jason, it is not going to be a walk in the park- be a man and work through the hard times. I really don't know what happened with Melissa and Jason after he proposed but it sounded more like he had the issues not her. That show so doesn't portray how God wants men to pursue thier wives....yet I watched it and now I am regretting it. (how many times can Jason say the word regret in one show by the way?) I feel so sorry for little Ty- who is so innocent in all of this mess. Hey Ty- here are two women who want to be your here is your mom! Wait- no- here is your new mom....wait....
Another thing- did Jason really almost fling himself off of the balcony because he was bawling his eyes out? I was not feeling sympathy for him- only embarrassment. Please stop crying for just one minute and figure out what in the heck you are doing.

Ok- I really don't know the whole story- but I do know that a Melissa was hurt and I feel for her. I hope she is able to find a man who wants to pursue her and make her feel wonderful and want to fight for her. :) That is what all women deserve!

If you guys didn't watch the bachelor...then disregard the above venting. I am sure you will be hearing about it in the magazines. Ahhhhh! The madness!

Good night to all.....