Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tofu and my new friends

Something you may not know about me: I am the sponsor of the Veggie 411 club. (A.K.A. the vegetarian awareness club.)

Something else you may not know: I am not a vegetarian, I am an avid meat eater and connoisseur.

A few weeks ago was the first meeting I was able to attend here at school. The vice president, Travis, made tofu enchiladas and vegetarian rice krispy teats. They were really good! Kudos to Travis for making the enchiladas- he did a great job!

The president and vp Kelsey and Travis. Veggie lovers and proud of it.

We are having another meeting today afterschool and I was supposed to have it announced during our 2nd peroid annoucements. I totally forgot so when the announcements came on I called the office in a frenzy and said "please announce the vegetarian club has a meeting in my room!!!" Somehow things got jumbled up in the process so when the announced it a few seconds later they said " vegetation club" instead. (I guess that would be a club for plants??) I guess it is about the same thing. Vegetation means plants doesn't it?? Vegetarians eat alot of plants....I guess. Anyway....I am sorry Travis. I will remember next time.
Meanwhile, I just made a frozen vegetable medly for lunch so I could feel a little healthy today. (the three pieces of stuffed crust three meat pizza and the oreo cakester that I scarfed down last night left me feeling guilty this morning) The vegetables, I could barely get them down. Yuck. I apologize Veggie 411 club if you are reading this - I just couldn't do it. I commend you though. You are some good people and I am proud to be your sponsor.
I did manage to find some ham that a student didn't want from their lunch. Whew. I was saved.

Friday, October 10, 2008

How the cookie crumbles.....

I don't know where it all went wrong. I went to college, got a degree, have been teaching for 7 years...but yesterday it all went down in flames. I thought I explained everything to them. I thought they knew how to measure, I thought I was at least a teacher who could get a few good results. You would think that only one kitchen would make a tiny mistake, but when 5 out of six turn out the way they did, I left school wondering if I could make it as a news anchor. ( my dream job in high school) Today's cookies have been alot better today, thank goodness. I feel a bit more sure that I have the ability to teach the kids of the future. I just want to apologize if one day you go to panera and see a few of these on display. I tried.

It was bad y'all. Just plain BAD.

Sneaky little thing....

No comment on this one....

This says it all....

I was having a rough day on Monday and I talked to my sister Virginia and when she came over that night to eat dinner with us she brought me this card. (see below) Let me tell you- it was perfect! I would have already been in therapy if it wasn't for her....she is the sweetest most loving person I know. I always apologize to her because I wasn't the most angelic growing up. I think I got all of the temper and she got all of the "nice". Once I locked her out of the house and went out the back door to the front where she was pitifully sitting alone and pelted her with water from the hose. Why?? Probably because she wasn't doing her chores and I felt like it was my "duty" as the older sister to make sure they are done. I also stuck her toothbrush in vasoline and made her eat a rice cake with mustard on it. There is so much more but I don't want to lose any friends. ( I have asked for forgiveness I promise!) Finally, one day she had had enough. She socked me in the jaw. I will always remember that day. She didn't even get in trouble because mom knew I had it coming.

So, thank you V for all of the therapy over the years! You are always the voice of calm when I need it. I promise to never pelt you with the hose again.

I love you!

Last weekend I was fortunate to meet 6 of my college friends in Austin for a much needed reunion. We had SO much fun. I love these girls! We basically laughed the whole time, brought our old college pictures, ate so much good food and just had a really relaxing time. I feel so blessed to have such great friends. It felt just like college again except we all stayed in the same place. In college we lived right next door to each other. I included pictures of our beautiful house on the river and some pics of us!!!

the kitchen!!
the living room....I fell asleep every night on one of those couches while we were all talking....sorry guys!
view from our back porch

Laura, Me, Shannon
Me and Kel!
Laura, Kel, Darrah
Mere, Me, Kelly
Our back porch...we drank coffee out there every morning
Bev and Kelly!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It looks like Maggie has a new friend. I came in to the bedroom the other night and this is what I found! She loves Patrick. She will sit by him and sleep next to him. She does look a little scary in this picture- her eyes are not always so green and goulish!