Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O State Fair, How I Love Thee

I am slowly starting to update my blog. I love blogging so I don't know why I am such a slacker. The state fair was months ago but I have so many pictures that I had to post!!!

Every year it is a tradition that my parents come and visit us and we go to the State Fair of Texas. I look forward to it for a whole 365 days. My family loves food and we will try anything.
I get so excited for the State Fair - it feels like Christmas!!! I realize that it goes against everything I teach about Nutrition- and I am completely honest with my kids about it. They all were so excited to hear about everything i ate in detail. They couldn't believe I ate so much junk. I also went back again for the spam contest for school and I ate another funnel cake. I felt like I had to admit that. Just being honest guys!!

Family Pic. Patrick was taking the picture- or he would be there too!

Look how happy we are....it's because we are about to eat a bunch of grease. Yay! Patrick's beard got shaved soon after this event. Sometimes I miss Wolverine but I really am glad to have a clean shaven husband back!

V saved her bag. I ate my whole bag. Reminds me so much of our childhood. I am such an impulse eater. It was worth it.

Mom and V

I love theese potato chip fries!!! I get them every year. They are so salty and greasy...perfect combination.

My dad and his corny dog. Side note: Patrick's corny dog fell on the ground....I am not going to tell you the rest but we did not buy a new one. Do the math. :) My husband isn't afraid of anything.

Sausage on a stick brings so much joy to people. Too bad they only come once a year.

I thought it was funny that the fried butter sign said "Big as Texas." Ha ha. I still ate it.

I LOVED the fried butter- it was like a butter warm biscuit. Yum!!!

This was my apple, covered in peanut butter, covered in caramel, then battered and fried!!! It was good but the apple was really frozen. I still ate it because it had peanut butter on it. My favorite!

Me and the fried butter- what a pair. :)
State Fair, hurry and come back soon!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Bye Lakewood....

We are saying good bye to Lakewood tomorrow...it is a sad day but we are excited to have more space. (and a dishwasher!) We have loved our little home and Maggie will miss her window. I will post more photos soon of the new house!