Friday, April 3, 2009

Muddy Buddies

Okay People. I got my first taste of what would have happened if I would have joined the Army. FYI: I never wanted to join the Army but I think people who do are awesome and courageous and just plain studs. Patrick and I signed up for the Mud Run which was last Sunday. It was basically a 10K with about 10 army obstacles throughout the course which we had to complete. I want to preface this post with the fact that I am not an athelete, have never been an athlelete, and do not see myself being an athelete in the future. I signed up on a whim because I thought it would be a challenge and something fun to do with my husband. The week before the race is when the anxiety started. What if I am last? What if I embarrass myself? I literally played the scenes over and over in my head. You know- the ones where you are in last place and everyone is waiting for you to catch up and you feel like a huge loser. Yes- I have those visions sometimes...I admit it.

So- on race day, in my new cargo pants from Walmart that were so high waisted it was scary, I did the mud run with about 10 other teachers from my school plus some friends and spouses that came to join us. Patrick was great. He waited on me and encouraged me. At the beginning of the race, I thought I was going to die when we had to run in freezing cold muddy water that was up to our nightmare was coming true as I watched everyone run past me. I literally had to tell myself that crying during the mud run was for wimps and I was not going to be a wimp! Patrick realized that I had lagged behind and came back for me which was awesome because I almost quit right at that moment. So, we ran through the mud and up walls and over logs and down a really fun muddy slide that left some bruises in unfortunate areas. At one point I thought- hey maybe I should train for a triathalon but I realized that I must be delerious due to bumping my head on a log or something. We also had to crawl on our stomachs under some kind of wire for what was probably a mile. (ok- that was a lie but it sounded good) That was probably the worst part. I really felt like I was getting a glimpse of what it must be like to be in basic training. The volunteers manning the station kept yelling at me to get back on my stomach because I had resorted to just crawling on my knees. (I guess it looked like I was cheating) I was like- really? You are yelling at me to get onto my stomach? Have you ever been this close to the ground and inhaled grass and roots and gotten mud slung into your eye? ( that really did happen) I held my tongue. No need to start a brawl when you are with your principal and co-workers. So- I finally finished in 2.5 hours and then had the pleasure of stripping down to my spandex bikers and getting hosed off by a fire truck. I know you are jealous. And, yes, I had to wear nasty spandex biker shorts in front of my principal. I was so humiliated. I did have on a tank top too thank goodness.

Anyway, I survived. We had fun. I actually did it.

I am SO glad it's over. :)