Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To be known

I have been out sick for the past 5 days and it has been awful! I hate resting- so 5 days of laying around was rough. Last week, I was thinking about how I have not blogged very much lately and I started browsing through my old pictures on my computer at school. I found alot of me and my wonderful friends. I feel really blessed to have such great friends who have walked through life with me for about 15 years. (give or take) My high school friends are very special to me and over the past 15 years we have been through alot of hard times and alot of great times. I love watching their kids grow up. I love the fact that they know me inside and out. I love that we get together as much as we can. I love that our moms are friends. :) It is good to be known- it makes it easy. I have found that as we get older making friends is harder. I guess we are so busy with our own lives taking time to really know someone - well- just takes time! So- here are some really random pictures - I wish I could dig up my high school pictures- they are funny! Maybe I will soon. :)

This is a few years back- I was tinkerbell and Darrah was the color green. I think she pulled it off. :)

This is Ginger's little boy Caden. He was so little then!

The day Samuel was born. He was so cute. I couldn't wait to meet him!

This is when I tried to have bangs...and failed. Kelly- you look really cute! Straight hair and bangs just dont go together. I tried again this summer and wore bobby pins every single day after I did it. Never again!!

This was our 10 year high school reunion. So fun!

One of our girls weekend at Ginger's house in Tulsa. Not sure why I look like I have to go to the bathroom. That pose remains a mystery.

My wedding shower at Mere's.

Caden's sip and see!

Mere and I on one of our many vacations we have taken together! I love this picture!

Kelly's baby shower.

Last, but not least my wedding day. Darrah- I am not sure where you are. (Mandy and Melissa- you either?) What a wonderful and special day. (minus the steamer blowing hot water all over my mom's outfit- but that was actually funny too)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting Krunk at Kroger

I thought I would share what a typical shopping trip is like for me when I shop for my classes. This day I was shopping for Lasagna. By the end of the trip I could barely push the cart. When we make our Thanksgiving feast in November I have to push 2 carts. People are always asking me what I am making and why I have so much food. No one ever wants to get behind me in's a hard job I have. :)

Overall, I love my job. It has it's ups and downs but I love my students and they make me laugh so much. I do get tired of loading and unloading my car with groceries but lab days are worth it. They have fun and I get to taste test most of their food- I pass if it looks questionable. :)