Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello from East Texas!!! I know it has been well over a month since I have blogged, but I love the fact that I can just pick right back up again. I am in my home town of Tyler Texas. There is something so peaceful about coming home. I have lived in the same house my whole life, it's beautiful and green here, and I love spending time with my parents. Now, the real reason I am here....a call of daughterly duty. :) My mom broke a vertebra last saturday after a nasty fall off of a ladder. She was in the hospital until thursday evening and came home finally with a shiny new fiber glass brace. Let me tell you- it is one snazzy addition to any wardrobe. It killed me that I couldn't come home last week but we were finishing up school. This weekend I worked graduation which was great- but very time consuming. I finally was able to drive in today to get a crash course in nursing in about 5 minutes. My dad has been amazing. He does everything that she needs. It is really neat to see him in that role. I have a pretty wonderful dad if anyone hasn't met him. The accident happened on their 34th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!!! My mom has been such a trooper. She is able to walk around with a walker and sit up on her own. I think she is making a great recovery already. We keep making her laugh - and she tells us to stop because it hurts to laugh. I think laughing is the best medicine. It's like taking one big vikaden. I guess I will have to hold off on the jokes. I have some great plans for us this week that include reading every magazine that we have, watching movies, painting nails, and figuring out how to wash her hair. The brace cannot come off - except for bed time. We think we already have a hair washing system concocted....we are going to give it a try tomorrow! Patrick and V will drive in Thursday night. Patrick starts summer school tomorrow. He had a "one day" break. He has been wonderful through all of this - he even surprised me with peanut butter m&m's for the ride to Tyler. Of course I ate them before I left Dallas. They were the small size ok!! I know what you guys were thinking.

It really does feel so good to be home. My parents marriage has been such a good example of working as a team to me. They have been that way ever since I can remember. They called themselves the "parent team". Patrick and I have been married 9 months as of today. Yay! I cannot believe it has been that long. It is fun to think that my parents are 34 years and still going strong. Thanks mom and dad for setting such a great example of faithfulness to one another and loving each other through the hard times. I can only pray that we do it half as good as you guys have. I am truly blessed! Here are a few pics of my mom and dad. Great Great people. I love them alot. :)

My mom came to Dallas for the fair. We had a blast. We tried every type of fair food there was. Patrick took a picture of me eating every one. I will have to download those. I have a fair food addiction. I may need help.

34 years ago!!! They are so young!!! I absolutely love this picture. It is my all time favorite. My dad helped my mom make her veil. I borrowed mine. Sorry Patrick. No luck there.

The fiber glass queen! Mom- you are amazing! You will be walking around here so fast by no time! Pretty soon, We are going to roll that walker down a hill and never look back!

Dad at his best! (cooking bacon!!) Virginia made him that apron for christmas. Some of my best memories are dad in the kitchen. He is a great cook. He is always taking risks and creating new things. I think that is where V gets her passion for cooking. I inherited mom's sense of humor, passion for talking and love for reeses blizzards. All three have gotten me into trouble.

My mom and dad. They look just as happy as they did on their wedding day.

On that note, I am calling it a night. I promise I will start writing more. (I really mean it Kelly!) I will update you guys on my week as a nurse jen. I am really excited to get to help mom and see my friends from home. Darrah and Kel- wish you guys were here. :) Good night!!!!