Monday, May 11, 2009

Master Gardener, AKA :mom

This weekend my mom came to stay with us and she helped us work on our yard. It was really fun and I learned alot about gardening. I let all our plants from the fall die which was a traumatic experience for me. I felt so bad. This spring/summer I am going to give it another try. Coincidentally, my mom got me plants that do very well if one forgets to water a few days in a row.
Maggie's favorite spot. Notice the blinds are all bent up a bit- Maggie loves to chew them and play with them for hours. Whatever floats your boat Maggie. :)
Our little home. We love it. I absolutely love having a front porch. (minus the bugs that are attracted to the light at night) It has been so fun to sit outside.

I just added the pillows from Garden Ridge. I also got those three citronella candles from Target. They work really well and don't smell funny like some citronella candles do.

My mom: the master gardener! She worked so hard on our yard! Thanks mom! We had such a fun weekend!

Overall, we had a great weekend! We spend yesterday afternoon visiting Patrick's parents and wishing his mom a Happy Mother's Day. I will give updates on how the plants are doing- hopefully it will be a good report. I really don't have a death wish for them- I wish them a long and happy life!


Christy said...

it looks beautiful! so glad that you got to do some gardening! enjoyed hanging out last week and look forward to this weekend!

Kelsey said...

This is so cute! It's great to read about your lives, we are so looking forward to actually visiting with you when we move back to Texas!